By Gabrielle

No one loves reading as much as I do, but even the most ardent readers get into a reading slump from time to time. Here are five quotes that will inspire you to get reading again.

This quote feels so true. There is no better sensation than being entirely engrossed in a good book. Time and the world disappears and it’s just you and the story. Ahhhh, pure magic.

I’m not sure I always agree with this one. Sometimes if a book isn’t a good fit, it’s time to add it to the DNF pile and move on. Or sometimes the timing just isn’t right and a certain book just isn’t what you are in the mood for. Set it aside and try something else. You can always go back and try it again another time.

Wise words. I don’t know about you, but many books linger with me for a long, long time. Those books you can’t bear to part with and find yourself re-reading, THOSE are the books that inspire me to keep reading to find my next book gem.

I couldn’t agree more Diane! I always want more books as evidenced by my sizable TBR pile. Whether you read several books a week or one a year, don’t stop at just one book. Keep going!

This is totally true for me. Through books I get to visit places I might never visit and see through the eyes of characters with vastly different identities and life paths than my own. I love it! Reading has made me a better and more empathetic human and opened my eyes to so much knowledge.

I hope these quotes inspire your own reading journey. Happy reading!