Review By Gabrielle

More and more of us are concerned about climate change but it can feel intimidating. Where do you even start? Can one person or family really make a difference? According to Tara McKenna, we can!

Favourite Quote:

 “Experiencing how precarious life on this earth can be left me no choice but to do something to preserve it, with an emphasis on reducing my waste and becoming less trashy. I don’t mean to get all sentimental about this, but here’s something that I really do believe: In the same way that one moment has the power to end a young person’s life, so too does one decision have the power to change the world.”

Goodreads Synopsis: 

Say goodbye to your bursting toiletries bag, fast fashion, and all the plastic crowding your pantry. It’s time to build less trashy habits for a more sustainable and ethical life. With relatable stories, compassion, and a realistic perspective, Tara McKenna will show you how in this ultimate guide to going zero waste(ish).

We’re all trapped in a wasteful convenience-based cycle, but Don’t Be Trashy offers an alternative: an approach to reducing waste that emphasizes progress over perfection. McKenna guides you month by month through a year of reducing consumption, covering:

– Decluttering and turning off the flow of stuff into your home

– Breaking up with fast fashion and developing a capsule wardrobe

– Cutting off your supply of single-use plastic in your kitchen, cleaning supplies, and bathroom

– Investing in home goods that’ll last for decades without breaking the bank

– And more!

Ultimately, it’s about changing your mindset to one of minimalism and conscious consumption–a mindset that’s as good for your wallet and your well-being as it is for the planet. Don’t Be Trashy will guide you to your best life–one with less waste and more joy!

What I loved about this book is how practical and immediately usable all the information is. Through the book, Tara takes readers step-by-step through actions we can put to use right now. Each chapter takes us through a different zone in our house, showing us there is waste everywhere, but also how to make the improvements that will make a difference. From your pantry to your cleaning products to your closets and everything in between, the book is full of helpful hints and tips.

Another great thing about this book is how non-judgmental it is. The language Tara uses made me feel encouraged without making me feel bad about the stuff I’m not doing. Although she clearly describes the waste problem and why it is important to act now, she does it in a kind and fun way that acknowledges we are all on our own path towards being more responsible and it looks different for each of us. 

I liked how much of this book focused on introspection. I think it’s a key piece to the puzzle that will help us stick with our plans that a lot of people aren’t talking about. Tara guides you, the reader, through asking yourself the right questions to make sure you know why you are doing this and to examine your own behaviours before beginning. Taking the time to be really honest with ourselves about our motivations and the realities of our lives will help us be more effective in the long run. 

Living a less waste lifestyle is one change that all of us can make and Tara is here to show us how to do it with her terrific book Don’t Be Trashy.