Review By Veronica

Last One Alive is a terrifying nail-biting thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Favourite Quote:

She moved forward to see what he had found. Others in the group joined them. The riser of the bottom step was decorated with a pattern of lines and symbols. No, not symbols, she realised as her vision sharpened. Words. Hector moved his hand aside to allow them to read the inscription. Danny spoke above the constant crash of the waves on the beach as he read aloud. With each word, his voice deepened with disbelief. 

“Turn back now. This isn’t your home. Any who stay will be left all alone,” he said.

Goodreads Synopsis: 

Bestselling debut novelist Penelope Berkowitz is desperate for inspiration for a second book. With the help of her new boyfriend, she embarks on a research trip with a Clue-like team of professionals, ex-lovers, and estranged family members to investigate the myth of a witch on Stone Point, a remote coastal outcropping in the Pacific Northwest.

For over a century, the cabin on the point stood vacant after the violent death of the original owner and the disappearance of his wife—until a young couple decided to turn it into an eco-lodge. Shortly after starting renovations, however, they suddenly ceased all contact with others and were never heard from again.

Given the area’s mysterious history, Penelope is certain there’s a story to be found in the isolated region. But soon after arriving on the point’s wind-whipped shores, things begin to go awry for the team. Storms blow in. Tempers flare. The satellite phones stop working and no boats are due for days. Then people begin to disappear. When bodies turn up, it’s up to Penelope and the remaining members of the team to solve the mystery of the Stone Witch before the killer is the only one left alive.

This book was fabulous; I could not put it down. Last One Alive was different from other thrillers that I have been reading lately. The setting and the myth around the Stone Witch made this book a unique read for me. These two-story elements really paired well together and helped ramp up the creepy unknown vibe in the story. The small mysterious island on which this book takes place has a hostile and violent past. Those who have tried to live on the island tend to disappear. People believe that the Stone Witch is responsible for these disappearances. Amber does a fantastic job using those paranormal elements in the myth to create those spine-chilling moments that have you pulling your blankets up to your face and wanting to turn all the lights on in your house.

The characters in this book are all fascinating, and I really enjoyed that slightly hostile atmosphere that Amber created with this mismatched group of people. I loved that “Clue-like” feel you get from all these characters. You know that they are connected to the late Marianne, but as the story progresses, you begin to learn their past connections are not what they seem. 

Last One Alive was paced perfectly. Amber does a great job at easing her readers into the story, and then WHAM, things start to get real deadly fast and this little rag-tag team of people start dropping like flies.

Last One Alive is a frightening and eerie thriller that is perfect for fans of Agatha Christie.  

Thank you, Simon and Schuster Canada, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.