Review By Gabrielle

Larissa Theule’s joyful picture book will capture your heart.

Favourite Quote:

“She recognized the spider mama’s weaving for what it was – magnificent art.”

Goodreads Synopsis: 

Poppy Ann Fields loves bugs and feels more comfortable outdoors than with other people until a special bug lands on Grandma Phyllis’s birthday cake. Includes a glossary of insects.

I absolutely loved this book. Poppy is an instantly lovable main character. I could relate to Poppy’s love of the natural world. I got swept up in her admiration for bugs. Larissa’s simple yet impactful words create an almost magical feel as Poppy sits in nature.  Her extreme shyness will feel familiar to many people. The kind of shyness that makes it almost painful to interact in social situations. Luckily Poppy has Grandma Phyllis who loves her just the way she is and helps her see her value. This book is a beautiful ode to introverts everywhere.

Sara’s illustrations were created by layering cut paper, acrylic paint and photoshop. They are the perfect compliment to Larissa’s beautiful words. The pictures really help create a clear sense of Poppy’s character. They are both vibrant and cheerful.

Overall a heartwarming read you will return to again and again.