Review By Veronica

Make Every Dish Delicious has many yummy and easy-to-follow recipes that are perfect for any family gathering.

Goodreads Synopsis: 

Stop searching the web for what to cook for dinner. From the best roast chicken to the most sumptuous brownie, Lesley Chesterman’s perfected recipes have you covered—tonight, and always.

When Montreal’s favorite food critic, Lesley Chesterman, was approached ten years ago to write a cookbook, she laughed and said: “The last thing the world needs is another recipe for carbonara.” She never forgot the editor’s reply: “True. But I think they might like your recipe for carbonara.” That comment resonated, because carbonara, like so many dishes, is a recipe Lesley has worked tirelessly to get just right. Returning again and again to recipes and making small tweaks or big overhauls is what Lesley loves to do. And the result of a lifetime of tinkering is Make Every Dish Delicious, a cookbook that offers a repertoire of foolproof modern classics and a wealth of cooking knowledge to give everyone a helping hand in the kitchen.

Make Every Dish Delicious begins with deeply informative chapters on how to set up your kitchen and pantry, and how to work with fundamental ingredients and basics such as eggs, butter, stocks, and vinaigrettes. Lesley effortlessly demystifies multiple technical challenges (how to make an omelet, how to deep fry without fear, how to use—and not misuse—the all-important salt, and many more). From there, she takes you on a savoury and sweet journey of recipes encompassing modern classics such as her super simple carbonara, perfect pain de campagne​, show-stopping salt-baked bass, crowd-pleasing standing rib roast, stunning black forest cake, and gorgeous Gascogne apple tart.

Every recipe here is reliable, repeatable, and irresistible. Homemade no-knead bread and pizza dough? Yes, you can! Chicken Kiev (the easy way)? Of course! Cote de boeuf for two? Why not? Chocolate megamousse for a dessert sensation? Lesley’s got you. These are dishes to cook with total confidence for friends and family, every day. Let Lesley’s collection of perfected recipes become your very own.

I love cooking and baking, so I am always looking for new cookbooks. Now I must confess that even though I love to cook and bake, my creations in the kitchen are often a hit or miss (especially with baking), which means that I usually need cookbooks or recipes with pretty straightforward instructions. I was excited to try out some of the recipes in Lesley’s book to see if they are “Ronny proof.” I am happy to say that I successfully baked both the brownies and the scones! Both dishes were delicious, and my family definitely had more than one serving.

The book itself has gorgeous pictures that will have your mouth watering. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. I also love how Lesly adds her own little notes to each recipe. It’s such a nice personal touch. 

If you are looking for a cookbook with delectable meals and treats, then you will want to check out Making Every Dish Delicious by Lesly Chesterman. 

Thank you, Simon and Schuster Canada, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.