Review By Veronica

If you are looking for a mystery read with a magical twist then you should check out Witch Way Out.

Favourite Quote:

“Sadly, this wasn’t the first time a puddle of slime had greatly influenced my life. I’m still working through the repercussions of the previous puddle of slime from two month ago, which, admittedly, led me here to this one, on this night, in a leprechaun private investigator’s office with a hot, sexy witch lawyer and my current liar of a boyfriend by my side.”

Goodreads Synopsis: 

When Violet Mooney’s coworker and fellow witch calls to say that their Connecticut crystals shop, The Full Moon, has been selected as a vendor at the Spring Equinox Fair, it’s welcome news. Ever since she learned about her magickal ancestry, Violet has been struggling to learn her craft while staying out of trouble. It’s no easy feat when her family seems to be the target of a power-grab within the realm, putting the entire magickal community on edge—and setting Violet on a mission . . .

With her investigation conjuring more questions than answers, Violet tries to focus on the Fair, which is being run by one of her personal heroes. Horatio Hale is a proponent of ethical crystal mining, but apparently not everyone is a fan. Violet is shocked when she goes to attend a meeting and finds Horatio dead—with an axe stuck in his chest. To uncover the motives behind the mayhem in both the mortal and magickal worlds, Violet is going to need more than a crystal ball. And it’ll take all the powers she’s been honing—plus some she didn’t know she had—to save herself . . .

This book is a lot of fun. It was my first cozy, magical mystery read, and I really enjoyed it. I definitely would read more of these types of books in the future. This is the third book in the series, and I recommend reading the previous two books before diving into this book. I hadn’t realized that this book was a part of a series, and I think it really hindered my enjoyment. Cate does a good job of bringing her readers up to speed, but I felt like I was missing “world” information while reading this book, which left me confused at times. 

I liked both the magical world that Cate has created in this book. It is really interesting, and I like how she puts her own unique touches on how witches live in our world. The mystery element in this story is well thought out and provides plenty of entertainment that captured my attention. It had me guessing until the very end. Violet is a likeable and smart character. I enjoyed spending time with her and would like to read the series’ previous two books to get to know her better.  

Witch Way Out really is a fun witchy mystery read. 

Thank you, Kensington Books, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.