Review By Veronica

Your Place or Mine is a laugh-out-loud fun and swoony romance.

Favourite Quote:

I laugh, leaving Taylor to clean up after Tim as I head back into the bedroom. I can’t believe this is going to be my room. Sleek, modern, spacious and with bags of storage and a super-king with… a man on it? He definitely wasn’t there when he walked through a moment ago.

I cock my head as I stare at him. He does similar- I’m not sure who goes first but the other person is like a perfect mirror image. Well, almost. One of us standing here like a lemon while the other lounges on the bed. Either way, he’s as surprised to see me there as I am him.

Goodreads Synopsis: 

Two reluctant housemates. One question: Is this your place or mine…?

When Serena is kicked out of her flat, an offer from her friend, Taylor, to house sit for her while she and her husband go travelling could not be better timing. But unfortunately for Serena she’s not the only one to have received this offer…

Enter Ziggy: arrogant, messy (and annoyingly handsome) musician, and friend of Taylor’s husband. Living with him is far from ideal, especially when he claims the best room, has loud parties – and the least said about his kitchen manner the better…

There’s just one solution for Serena – drive him out of the house by being twice as difficult to live with than he is! But Ziggy knows Serena’s game and as war ensues between them, being forced together under one roof may result in some unexpected consequences…

I know when I read one of Portia’s books, I’m in for a hilariously good time. She has become one of my insta-buy romance authors. I loved this book! It had everything that I hoped for, and it left me feeling happy and light-hearted. This story surprised me. It had some unexpected plot twists that had me going, “no way.” It’s always wonderful when an author can keep their readers on their toes. I loved the whole forced roommates part of this book. Serena and Ziggy do not want to live together and are determined to drive the other person out of the house. The shenanigans these two pull off will have you laughing. It reminded me of when I was in university and the antics between my roommates and me when we were mad at each other. I loved those girls, but sometimes we drove each other nuts. 

The overall story was quite different from other romance story plotlines I have read. I will be a bit vague when talking about the plot because I want you to be as surprised as I was when reading this book. Portia included some fun and unique story elements that make her book stand out in a good way. There is some out-of-this-world relationship drama that belongs in a soap opera. I enjoy bizarre and quirky stories, so I devoured this book and all its glorious drama. 

The romance between Serena and Ziggy has this steamy closed-door vibe to it. There definitely is a connection between these two right from the beginning. You can feel that tension even when they try to drive each other out of the house. I like them together. I really loved Ziggy, he was surprisingly a big old softy, and I found him so understanding when it came to matters of the heart. The unconditional support he showed Serena was so charming and had my heart pitter-pattering. Portia did a great job building that romantic tension between these two. It had me wanting to turn the page to see what would happen next. 

If you are looking for a book that is easy-breezy and oh-so-fun, then give Your Place or Mine a try. 

Thank you, Boldwood Books, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.