Review By Kayleigh

This is a fast paced and addictive thriller that will have you rooting for the anti-heroine.

Favourite Quote:

It would be so easy to win over the guys, but I didn’t know what to expect when Collin told me about his “best friend.” First of all, it’s very alarming when adults identify other adults as “best friends,” a term that ought to be a relic from junior high. Second of all, Collin’s best friend was a woman.

Gale Wallace-Leicester.

Goodreads Synopsis: 

Like any enterprising woman, Bea knows what she’s worth and is determined to get all she deserves—it just so happens that what she deserves is to marry rich. After a lifetime of forced instruction in the art of swindling men by her mother, Bea wants nothing more than to escape her shadow, close the door on their sordid past, and disappear safely into old-money domesticity.

When Bea finds her final mark in the perfectly dull blue-blooded Collin, she’s ready to deploy all her tricks one last time. The challenge isn’t getting the ring, but rather the approval of Collin’s family and everyone else in their tax bracket, particularly his childhood best friend Gale. Going toe-to-toe with Gale isn’t a threat to an expert like Bea, but what begins as an amusing cat-and-mouse game quickly develops into a dangerous chase. As the truth of Bea’s past threatens to come roaring out, she finds herself racing against the clock to pass the finish line before everything is exposed.

Bea is the perfect con woman: she’s gorgeous, manipulative and learned how to seduce men at a very young age. Bea’s open about her desires for a wealthy and successful man who will keep her in the lap of luxury. She’s playing a long con – she doesn’t want a relationship, she wants a marriage. She’s found her perfect match in Collin. The only catch is his disapproving and insanely wealthy family, his possessive best friend Gale, and Bea’s own dark history. 

This book is a trip! It jumps betweens Bea’s present day situation and her rocky upbringing with a manipulative and toxic mother. Bea is an anti-hero who you will feel sympathy for. Sure she’s morally grey, probably narcissistic and manipulating a sweet man for her own good. But Bea’s been through it and she deserves some happiness. I loved watching Bea grow and develop as a character. 

Bea is open to herself about her manipulation and revels in playing games with the uber rich. It was fun to see inside the really wealthy world that Bea’s man Collin lives in: there is no repercussion for bad actions and everything is always taken care of. As Bea gets further into the very insulated world she comes up against Gale: Collin’s best friend who also happens to be obsessed with him. Gale is also happy to play vicious and vindictive games with Bea. It turns into a stellar game of cat and mouse with an electrifying ending. My only complaint is that I felt that the ending wrapped up a little too quickly. I could have easily kept reading about Bea, Collin, her mother and the way our past shapes our present and future. 

This is an amazing debut and I’m not surprised to read that it’s going to be adapted into a move. You need to pick this up for a sexy and dark thrill. 

Thank you Berkley for the ARC in return for an honest review.