Review By Veronica

Moorewood Family Rules is a quirky and fun story that you will not be able to put down.

Favourite Quote:

“We should have breakfast.”

Beck shrugged, looking confused yet somehow still like he could punch through a wall without trying very hard. “Sounds boring but not dangerous.”

“Oh, you poor deluded man.” She motioned for the new guy to follow her out the door and into the great unknown. “You’ll see.”

Goodreads Synopsis: 

One day a con man met an heiress, wooed her, married her, had two kids…and kept on conning. Jillian Moorewood is the oldest child from that meet-cute-gone-wrong marriage. The stable one. The sensible and dependable one. The one who protects and fixes. The one who went to prison to save their sorry butts. Now, thirty-nine months later, she’s out and she’s more than a little pissed. Finally home she finds the scheming clan in full family fleecing mode. They all claim they didn’t  really  agree to Jillian’s previous go-legit-or-else ultimatum before she went away. They viewed it as a “suggestion” then ignored it. So, business as usual. But Jillian is done with the lies and fakery. She demands the whole messed-up crew clean up its act, and this time she’s not kidding—she has the leverage to make it happen. Problem is, her life is in shambles, but with the help of a great aunt (crooked but loveable), a bodyguard (who is a nice surprise after three years in prison), and a few allies (all working undercover), Jillian starts to put her life back together. She kicks out a few mooching relatives living under her roof, sets limits on everyone’s access to the money, ducks from their various attacks, and sees if that bodyguard is maybe interested in sticking around for a while. For the first time, she’s Jillian Moorewood, her own woman, and she’s ready to figure out who she is. 

This book has been on my radar for a few months now. I have been enjoying books with quirky humour woven throughout the story. So when I read the synopsis for Moorewood Family Rules, I knew I would need to add this book to my collection. I loved this story. It sucks you in right from the first chapter and keeps you entertained until the end. The story is exciting and fun. It also has just the right amount of unexpected twists that will have you wanting to turn the page because you need to know what will happen next. This book is perfect for readers who love a story full of drama, has a bit of a mystery, and features a dysfunctional family. 

I loved the Moorewood family! They keep you on your toes, which is something I would expect when everyone in the family is a con artist. You don’t know who you can trust and have no idea what they are planning. They keep you guessing. This family is full of characters you love to hate. Jillian is a fabulous main character. She is a smart and clever woman who is sick and tired of cleaning up after her family. This story is mostly told from her POV, and at the beginning of the book, we know that Jillian has this grand plan to entrap her family because they didn’t quit being con artists while she was in prison. As the story progresses, Jillian slowly starts to unveil her grand scheme, and Lord, is it ever brilliant and well thought out. I loved the slow reveal of her plan. It was an excellent way to keep readers engaged and wanting to continue to read this book. 

Overall, Moorewood Family Rules is the perfect book to read this summer if you are looking for a story with plenty of twists and a cast of characters you won’t soon forget.