Series Name:
The Matthews’ Brother Series, # 3

Review By Veronica

Change of Plans is the perfect ending to a fabulous rom-com series.

Favourite Quote:

Bryce looked up, noticing with appreciation his muscled arms. His shirt was one of those Dri-FIT jobs and she could see his well-defined biceps. She felt herself staring a beat too long, but before she could refocus, her gaze caught sight of the guy’s forearms. Suddenly, it was as if Bryce’s brain stuttered to a stop. Some girls were chest and ab girls, some dug a guy with a nice ass—and that was great but Bryce herself was an arm girl.

Goodreads Synopsis: 

When disaster strikes and chef Bryce Weatherford is given guardianship of her three young nieces, her life goes from cooking with fire…to controlling a dumpster fire. Five‑year‑old Addison refuses to remove her fairy wings, eight‑year‑old Cecily won’t bathe, and tween June is majoring in belligerence. With all this chaos, Bryce jettisons hope for a life outside of managing her family and her new job.
It’s been years since Ryker Matthews had his below‑the‑knee amputation, yet the phantom pain for his lost limb and Marine career haunts him. To cope, he focuses on his vehicle restoration business. He knows he’s lucky to be alive. Yet, “lucky” feels more like “cursed” to his lonely heart. 
When Ryker literally sweeps Bryce off her feet in the grocery store’s baby aisle, they both feel sparks. But falling in love would be one more curveball neither is ready to deal with… or is it exactly the change of plans they need?

I’ve adored every book in this series. Dylan knows how to write a rom-com that is refreshing, funny, heartfelt, and full of lots of smouldering moments. Change of Plans is the last book in The Matthews’ Brother series, and it does not disappoint. Like most rom-com series, this book can be read as a stand-alone, but I highly recommend reading the other two books because they are fabulous. There is so much to love about this book. There is fast, witty banter, characters with tremendous depth, and an interesting story with a lot of heart. Fans of the previous books will love catching up with the previous main characters, who make plenty of appearances in this book. 

Change of Plans focuses on Bryce, who has become the guardian of her three nieces after her brother and his wife die in a car accident. Bryce’s quiet life has become this burning dumpster fire. Her three nieces are a handful, and are still grieving the loss of their parents, her niece’s grandparents feel Bryce is an unfit guardian and are fighting Bryce for custody, and Bryce is struggling to keep it under control. Bryce doesn’t need her life to become any more complicated, which is why she is reluctant to start a new relationship with Ryker, the gorgeous man who makes her heart beat a little faster. Ryker isn’t looking for a relationship either, but he can’t help but be drawn to Bryce and the cloud of chaos that seems to follow her around. But Ryker has his own struggles with PTSD and also complications from losing his leg while serving in the army. 

Bryce and Ryker are both wonderful characters. They have those qualities that draw you in; before you know it, you find yourself invested in their lives. Bryce is a kind, sassy, no-nonsense character who loves her nieces with all her heart. Bryce’s journey in this book really tugs those heartstrings at times. Bryce is giving it her all and trying her best, but everything that could go wrong does, and whenever something goes wrong with her nieces, their grandparents are nearby to criticize her. Bryce not only finds herself guardian to three grieving girls but also has to deal with her own grief. All of Bryce’s highs and lows just hit me right in the heart, and I just wanted things to work out for her. Not all readers love kids in romance books, but I adored June, Cecily, and Addie. These three girls had wonderful personalities and brought so much laughter, joy, and heart to the story. The situation those girls often got themselves into was hilarious. I also liked how Dylan showed readers how everyone deals with grief differently. Each girl has this weird quirk (wearing fairy wings or not showering) that is their way of dealing with the loss of their parents. Dylan does deal with this topic with care and a lot of thought. 

Ryker is one swoonastic man. He just has my heart pitter-patter the whole time. His interactions with June, Cecily, and Addie are so sweet and made my heart melt. Ryker’s character gives off these vibes that he has everything under control and knows what he is doing, but once you get to know him, you see this more vulnerable side that he tries to hide from everyone. Ryker struggles with PTSD from his time in the army and doesn’t want to be around others because he doesn’t feel like he knows how to interact with the normal world anymore. Ryker’s story highlights some of the struggles that veterans have trying to join society again. Ryker fears that his PTSD nightmares might hurt or freak Bryce out. He doesn’t want to burden his family with his medical setbacks or emotional struggles. Focusing on these issues that Ryker is dealing with gives his character tremendous depth and makes him feel deliciously complicated.

Both Bryce and Ryker have a lot going on in their lives but don’t worry; there are still plenty of romantic spicy moments between these two. First of all, their meet-cute is hilarious and unforgettable. I loved how Dylan used Bryce’s nieces to bring these two together. Those sparks were flying right from the beginning. I loved that Bryce’s often fast banter left Ryker feeling tongue tied. What stood out most for me between these two is that no matter what was thrown at them, they stood and supported each other. Most men would have run for the hills after the first dumpster fire incident with Bryce’s nieces, but Ryker didn’t blink an eye and went out of his way to help in any way he could. That unwavering support is just sexy as hell. 

Change of Plans is an addictive rom-com with a lot of heart. 

Thank you, Forever Publishing, for the arc in exchange for an honest review.