Review By Veronica

Hex and the City is a fun, spicy, witchy romance.

Favourite Quote:

Poppy hunched up tight beside him, her hair lying flat and meek against her bare shoulders, fingers pulling nervously at a thread in her towel. Poppy, who had just banished a centuries-old ghost with nothing more than a candle and the force of her personality. Poppy who was kind and clever and funny, and who kissed like a goddess.

Goodreads Synopsis: 

Things you should know about Poppy:

1. She’s a witch

2. She has magical hair like Rapunzel from Tangled

3. She lives with Iris, the head of her coven, in a beautiful, ramshackle house next to Highgate cemetery

4. She works at Hubble Bubble, a magic shop in Covent Garden. Though none of it is real magic as that would be highly irresponsible. Until…

…Poppy accidentally sells gorgeous celebrity magician Axl Storm, all six-foot-four of him, a cursed pendant.

When all hell breaks loose can the guy with fake magic and the girl with real magic fix the chaos they’ve caused? Or will sparks fly both in and out of the cauldron?

This book is wack-a-doodle in the best possible way. It’s so much fun and oh so spicy, and I loved every moment of it. This is the second book in the Witchy series that Kate has created. But like most romance series, you can read this book as a stand-alone. This book is so different from Hex Appeal (the first book in the series) that I was utterly blown away by how fresh and unique this book felt. It will take you on a wild, magical ride, and you will find yourself saying, “Wait, did that just happen?” Hex and the City is very fast-paced. A lot happens in this book, and I loved how busy it felt. Even though it was busy and wacky, I never felt lost or confused. Kate masterfully ensures that her readers have all the information they need to keep up with what is happening. 

Poppy is utterly delightful. I loved and adored the chaos that followed her around. There is never a dull moment when she is on the page. I never knew what she was going to say or do or what would catch on fire, explode, or come back to life when she was around. Poppy’s journey is accepting that her chaos is what makes her so damn wonderful and that it’s not a curse but a blessing. It was great watching her gain confidence in her magic and love life. I also have to say that her magical hair was the best thing ever, and I want my hair to be magical. 

I wasn’t sure if I would like Axl, aka Alex’s character. My first impression of him wasn’t the best. He came off way too arrogant and one-dimensional. But you know what they say: You should never judge a book by its cover. Alex ended up being this big cinnamon roll of a character, and I just adored him to bits. What surprised me most about Alex’s character was the layers under that arrogant exterior. He is carrying some emotional baggage, and even though he comes across as this confident entertainer, he has some major insecurities regarding his looks and what people think about him. While he was talking about his past, it was easy to relate to what he had been through, making his character seem more realistic. 

The romance in this book is smoking hot. I loved everything about Poppy, and Alex has a couple. They had fabulous nicknames for each other; she calls him manbun, and he calls her Rapunzel. They start off calling each other by these names just to get under each other’s skin, but as the story progresses, they become sweet terms of endearment. Fans of insta lust and forced proximity will enjoy the romance in this book. There are many heated, spicy moments between Poppy and Alex, but also quiet, deep moments where they often have heartfelt conversations about their insecurities. It was wonderful watching their romantic relationship bloom. 

Hex and the City is a magical romantic romp that is so much fun to read. 

Thank you, HarperCollins UK and One More Chapter, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.