Review By Veronica

In the Greek Midwinter is an addictive and perfect travel Christmas romp that I could not put down. 

Favourite Quote:

‘Well,’ Bonnie said. ‘What did he do? 

What had Astro done? Reliving the kiss, Jen remembered everything Astro had done. From his mouth reacting instantly to hers, to the way he had gently, yet passionately, held her head in his hands, his fingers in her hair… 

Goodreads Synopsis: 

It was supposed to be a holiday of a lifetime…

But when Jen’s boyfriend David suddenly cancels their romantic Paris trip, needing to urgently travel to Athens for work, it’s best friend Bonnie who suggests they surprise him.

Having already booked the time off from her events company – Christmas Every Day – Jen decides an impromptu and romantic gesture might be just what their relationship needs.

Arriving in Greece and finding David is not there, Jen has a lot of questions. And when she gets her answers she has a choice – should she go home or should she stay awhile?

With the help of Astro, the handsome yet Christmas-hating waiter from the local bar, she sets about a little Greek Christmas research. But what starts as a ‘business trip’ soon turns into something more…

Goodness gracious, this book is utter perfection. Mandy has quickly become another insta-buy author for me. In the Greek Midwinter is such an easy book to fall in love with. Mandy is a master at writing a story that transports her readers to various places in Greece. This time, we get to visit Athens right before Christmas. I would never consider visiting Greece in December, but I really want to now. The city and its people just come to life in this book. Mandy captures that Greek essence perfectly. Also, if you are a fan of delicious food talk, you will love all the food scenes in this book. They are so yummy. The story itself is sweet, heartfelt, and full of festive magic. There are plenty of fun, fluffy moments in this story, but also moments with tremendous depth. I felt so happy and content reading this story. That’s probably why I read it in one sitting.

I have to talk about Jen’s friends. They stood out most marvellously. I’ve never fallen so in love with a group of women as I did with these ladies. Bonnie, Natalia, and Kathleen are chef’s kiss perfection. Bonnie is the best kind of friend you can have. She is Jen’s biggest cheerleader and is always there to help Jen when she needs it. She is also quirky, adorable and a hoot. I am secretly hoping she gets her own book. Natalia was hilarious, and I just loved that kind of mafia mentality she had. It added some comic relief to the story at the right moments. Kathleen is like a surrogate mother to Jen. She is 82 and a firecracker. I love her different sayings; they are wack-a-doodle in the best possible way. This group of ladies created this found family for Jen. They support and help each other out, and their love for each other just leaps from the pages. Their friendship with each other is what really makes this story stand out for me.

I liked Jen. She is a great MC, and I only wanted good things for her. At the beginning of this book, it felt like Jen was walking under this little rain cloud. She is kind and compassionate to everyone around her, and her passion for Christmas is contagious. But when it comes to her own well-being and happiness, she becomes more unsure and unwilling to believe that she deserves her own HEA. One thing I liked about her character is that she stands up for herself when needed. When David does her wrong, she doesn’t hesitate to tell him to take a hike, which I love. Jen’s character is too independent though, a product of her upbringing. She doesn’t ask for help. I love watching her character grow and open up to those around her.  

The romance in this story is sweet and heartfelt. If you love vacay love stories, you will enjoy the relationship between Jenn and Astro. It was wonderful and so much fun exploring Athens with these two. I loved how Astro showed Jenn those hidden gems that exist within Athens. He also took her to places that meant something to him. I adored the chemistry and connection that Jenn and Astro had. I loved every moment when they were together. I had to keep on reading because I wanted to see what their next interactions would look like. That bond they had just leapt from the pages and stuck with me. Their relationship had this deeper connection almost right from the very beginning. They understood and supported each other. 

In The Greek Midwinter is a stunning and heartfelt love story that is hard to put down.

Thank you, Rachel Random Resources and Boldwood Books, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.