Review By Veronica

Two for the Road is a fun and sweet travel romance that will have you swooning.

Favourite Quote:

His voice is liked poured chocolate, the kind you buy at a fancy shop, not Walgreens. In the funny passages, his voice belly-laughs. And in the sad parts, his voice hugs me. In the intimate parts, it’s like he’s right there beside me, whispering in my ear. I know he’s just a voice, but whenever I hear his voice, I feel this connection to him. Like I already know him.

Goodreads Synopsis: 

Sometimes there are detours on the road to love . . .

Gigi Rutherford loves love stories. She reads them, she sells them at her romance bookstore, and she could spend hours imagining the meet-cutes of every couple she encounters. But beyond her shop’s walls, Gigi is out of stock when it comes to her own love interests. And instead of enduring bad date after bad date, these days she’d rather curl up at home with her favourite audiobook and the only man that makes her heart skip a beat: Zane Wilkenson, the smooth-voiced narrator that Gigi is convinced is her soulmate.

Then, she’s presented with the chance of a lifetime: a ten-day bus tour through the hills of the English countryside, taking in the sights and sounds of a world an ocean away from her bookstore–all in the presence of Zane, the man of her dreams, in person, as he leads the tour.

But things don’t go as planned. When Gigi arrives at the bus terminal in London, Zane is nowhere to be found. Until he shows up, she’s stuck with an eclectic group of fellow travellers she’d rather not be with on a long road trip: the recently widowed and chatty Charlotte; odd Francis, a walking Trivial Pursuit; Jenny, a true-crime-makeup YouTuber documenting every detail for her subscribers; and Sindhi and Roshi, a long-married couple that just can’t stop bickering. And then there’s the brooding bus driver, Taj, who Gigi finds infuriating but also incredibly alluring . . .

With heart and charm, warmth and humour, Chantel Guertin explores the meaning of love and family–and how, sometimes, the journey to yourself is where you’ll find everything you’ve been searching for.

This book felt like a love letter to my bookish soul. I just connected with Gigi on so many levels. It felt like I met a bookish best friend. Two for the Road is a fun travel rom-com with plenty of quirky secondary characters and a love triangle. I’m sure y’all know by now that I love travelling to different parts of the world, but England has always been one of my favourite places to visit (both in real life and through a book). Gigi is gifted by her friends a vacation package for her birthday in England, where she will be exploring all the famous sites via a bus tour led by Zane. Gigi has a major crush on Zane, who narrates her favourite book, Their Finest Hour. She really is harbouring such major feelings for this mysterious man. She is so excited to finally meet Zane, but of course, things don’t go as planned, and Gigi finds herself on a tour filled with some of the quirkiest characters and the slightly grumpy Taj.

It was so much fun being on this bus tour. All the secondary characters just added that extra charm and depth to the story. I felt just as invested in their stories as I was in Gigi’s story. Being on this tour reminded me of all the bus tours I have taken, and I just loved that feeling of nostalgia that this book gave me. Gigi and I would make great travelling buddies because we both need to visit any books stores we come across. I always try to find the local independent bookstores when travelling. There are so many unique bookstores, and I love soaking in their magical essence. In this book, Gigi drags along the reluctant Taj whenever she leaves the group in her mini to visit the local bookshop. I loved all the scenes when Gigi tries explaining to Taj and others in the group why books are so important to her and to the world. 

This book is great for those wanting to dip their toes into the romance book world. There is romance in this book, but it’s not an overwhelming amount of romance. Other things are happening in this story besides Gigi’s romantic interests in Taj and Zane. Gigi is also dealing with this lingering grief due to her parents passing away years ago. There are also all these secondary stories happening at the same that really make this more than a romance. Now, for those romance book lovers out there. You will love to devour the developing relationship with Taj and Gigi and relate to those major crush feelings Gigi has for Zane. There are some juicy moments between these three, and the third-act break-up is full of delicious drama. I really enjoyed the banter between Taj and Gigi. Even though these two bicker a lot, you can see the sparks flying between them. 

Two for the Road is a fabulous book full of bookish references, charming and real characters, and a story that you won’t forget anytime soon.