Review By Veronica

The Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder is an addictive and fabulous cozy murder mystery.

Favourite Quote:

Out of the coal-black corridor a figure emerged. Arthur strained his eyes. Shadows hung over the intruder’s face, but Arthur could just make out what they were doing: they were tugging at their gloves—checking they were on.

They stepped into the ship and into the light.

“You weren’t who I was expecting,” Arthur said.

Goodreads Synopsis: 

What antique would you kill for?

Freya Lockwood is shocked when she learns that Arthur Crockleford, antiques dealer and her estranged mentor, has died under mysterious circumstances. She has spent the last twenty years avoiding her quaint English hometown, but when she receives a letter from Arthur asking her to investigate—sent just days before his death—Freya has no choice but to return to a life she had sworn to leave behind.

Joining forces with her eccentric Aunt Carole, Freya follows clues and her instincts to an old manor house for an advertised antiques enthusiast’s weekend. But not all is as it seems. It’s clear to Freya that the antiques are all just poor reproductions and her fellow guests are secretive and menacing. What is going on at this estate and how was Arthur involved? More importantly, can Freya and Carole discover the truth before the killer strikes again?

I love a good whodunit murder mystery, and C.L. Miller really knocks this one right out of the ballpark. She created a unique mystery with characters that are intriguing and really well-developed. She has created this twisty game of secrets that has you trying to guess who the murderer is and what they are after. This book is great for those who like their mysteries on the lighter, less gruesome side. If you are a fan of British murder mystery shows like Father Brown or Midsummer Murders, then I think you will enjoy this book. It has those cozier murder mysteries with an antique twist to it. The story itself unfolds at a perfect pace. C.L. Miller knows when to throw in a twist or when to give her readers a clue. She leads her readers on this really clever journey, and I found myself so invested in the story that I couldn’t put this book down. The beginning of the book has a slightly slower pace; the author introduces us to the characters and the setting in a manner that allows us to get our bearings before we dive deeper into the mystery. The build-up to the climax at the end was perfect, and the final reveal had me at the edge of my seat. It really had this Clue-like feel to it. 

The characters are wonderful and complex. I loved Aunt Carole; she comes off as this one-dimensional, flighty character, but she is not. She is clever and smart and knows how to work in a crowd. I loved watching them interact with the setting and other characters. She knows what her strengths are and uses them to help Freya solve the mystery of who killed Arthur. Aunt Carole is also a hoot and had me giggling at times. She was just so wonderful, developed, and complex. Freya was interesting. When we first meet her, she is lost and a shell of her former self. Her ex-husband really took that spark that made her exceptional and crushed it. Freya’s growth in this story took the form of her remembering who she used to be. Freya is smart, clever, and capable of taking care of herself and solving mysteries, whether hunting down stolen antiques or solving murders. 

The Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder is a well-crafted mystery that will remind you why you love to read. 

Thank you, Simon and Schuster Canada, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.