Review By Veronica

The Mighty River by Ginalina is a vibrant children’s book that shows its readers the importance of our rivers.

Beautiful World Books Synopsis:

Wander through the trails and explore the diversity of life that call the forest ‘home’.  Experience the playful intergenerational connections of humans, through nature.

The Lively Forest is such an excellent picture book to read. I love the colour scheme in this book; it’s so vivid and eye-catching. If you have read Gina’s previous book, The Mighty River, then you will know that the pictures in this book are full of fun little easter eggs, and readers young and old can spend time soaking in all the details and seeing what wonderful creatures they can spot. The pictures also offer great discussion prompts for educators, parents, or any big person reading this book with kids. 

Gina does a great job at creating a fun book to read, engaging, and encouraging kids to think about how they can help the forest. There are fun activities at the back of this book that families can do together or teachers can use as an activity in their classrooms.