Review By Veronica

Unleashing Chaos is a fun and spicy urban paranormal romance romp.

Favourite Quote:

The hot water relaxes me, relieving the tension in the back of my neck. I hate when my plans are derailed. My expectation was to take a shower and get that project off to Matt. Finding Desi in my bathroom did more than divert me; she sent my thoughts right back to the places I didn’t want them to be. She’s taking up space in my head that I purposely designated for other things.. safer things.

Goodreads Synopsis: 

Desideria is looking for true love…
When your father, the king of demons, tells you to find an eternal partner in ninety days, you do it—because the alternative is worse.

Jace’s heart is shattered and guarded…
All I asked for was a quiet roommate to help with the bills; instead, I got a sassy demon princess.

Cannon wants everyone to be happy, but \…
Sure, I want to help my friends, but I’ve got ambitions too.

Infernis help them.

A visit to the human realm is Desi’s last-ditch effort to find the partner of her dreams—she wants to marry for love—but with only three months to fall head over heels and take someone home to her chaotic family in Infernis, it seems impossible.

When every date Desi goes on ends in disaster, she enlists the help of her two handsome roommates. While one is friendly and fun, willing to help in any way he can, the other is stern and impenetrable, resolute in his theory that everlasting love isn’t possible. But as much as she’d like to deny it, Desideria is an agent of chaos, and she quickly starts knocking down walls and crossing boundaries–in every aspect of her romantic life..

Maybe it was kismet that landed Desi in Denver, but the choice she and her new friends have to make will define not only their futures, but that of an entire realm.

This was a fun read! If you want to dip your toes into the paranormal world, this might be a great book to start with. This is because this book’s paranormal aspects are on the lighter side. Yes, the story has world-building and a paranormal element, but it’s not overly complicated and doesn’t necessarily take over the story. The majority of this book reads like a roommate/ opposites attract romance with a splash of paranormal elements to it. For romance/paranormal reasons, Desi must find a husband in 3 months, or her father will make her marry someone of his choosing. This is because Desi needs to take over her, shall we say, sub-realm in her father’s kingdom. Desi hopes to marry for love but is having difficulty finding the One. She decides to move to Earth and finds herself living with two gorgeous men, Jace and Cannon. These two guys couldn’t be more different. Cannon is outgoing and a big flirt, and Jace is quiet and comes across as being pretty grumpy. Most of this book is centred around watching these three interact as roommates and watching Desi go on one disastrous date after another.  

Overall, I liked this book. It was fun watching these different personalities live under one roof, especially when one of these characters is a demon princess who has a tendency to unleash chaos. Desi’s inexperience and lack of knowledge about the human world creates plenty of opportunities for funny misunderstandings and awkward situations. Poor Jace struggles with the chaos that surrounds Desi. She really does destroy his carefully constructed world in the best possible way. I enjoyed the paranormal elements in this book. They aren’t overly complicated, and they don’t overtake the love story that develops between Desi and Jace. The paranormal elements in this book are just like this fun twist to the story.  

As you can imagine, there is a love triangle in this book. I’m not always a fan of love triangles, but this one wasn’t terrible. I knew from the beginning who Desi is supposed to end up with (grumpy Jace, of course!), so I got a little frustrated that Desi veered off and started to show interest in Cannon. I just wanted to knock some sense into Jace and Desi in hopes that they would realize that they are meant to be together. There is plenty of steamy tension between Desi and Jace and Desi and Cannon. The authors are going to build up that heat and then pull back, and then build it up again. You are going to find yourself getting frustrated but in a good way. I love a good opposites attract/grumpy sunshine romance, and that is why I was rooting for Jace and Desi right from the moment they met. I loved the chemistry between these two and the dialogue between them. It was a lot of fun. 

Now, this story isn’t just fun banter and spice. The authors tackle the serious issue of anxiety and how it can affect a person’s life. Jace suffers from high anxiety and, because of that, makes sure his world is carefully ordered and tries not to deviate from that order. This, of course, doesn’t work out well when you live with a demon of chaos, and there are several times throughout this book where Jace has full-blown anxiety attacks. I thought that the authors handled this issue really well. I live with someone who has high anxiety, so I understand how debilitating that disorder can be. I loved the conversations that Jace and Desi have about his anxiety. There were just wonderful, quiet, and thoughtful moments between them. It was heartwarming. 

Unleashing Chaos is a spicy and fun read that I could not put down. 

Thank you, Wattpad Books, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.