Review By Veronica

The Love of My Afterlife is a fun and bonkers rom-com that is sure to have you laughing from beginning to end.

Favourite Quote:


It really, really can’t. 

Naturally I know not everyone is blessed with the whole old-lady-from Titanic option; drifting off into a toasty sleep, memories of making love to a peak Leonardo DiCaprio there to soften the blow of perishing. But choking to death at the age of twenty-seven? Delphie, no.

Goodreads Synopsis: 

If she wasn’t dead already, Delphie would be dying of embarrassment. Not only did she just die by choking on a microwaveable burger, but now she’s standing in her ‘shine like a star’ nightie in front of the hottest man she’s ever seen. And he’s smiling at her.

As they start to chat, everything else becomes background noise. That is until someone comes running out of a door, yelling something about a huge mistake, and sends the dreamy stranger back down to earth. And here Delphie was thinking her luck might be different in the afterlife. 

When Delphie is offered a deal in which she can return to earth and reconnect with the mysterious man, she jumps at the opportunity to find her possible soulmate and a fresh start. But in a city of millions, Delphie is going to have to listen to her heart, learn to ask for help, and perhaps even see the magic in the life she’s leaving behind…

I forgot how much I love Kirsty’s books. It’s been a while since I’ve read anything she has written, but the moment I started reading this book all of these great memories that I had locked away in my bookish brain came back to me, and I instantly remembered how fun and bonkers Kirsty’s books are. On a side note, I highly recommend reading The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance, which has been retitled Jessica Bean is a Hot Mess (I have to say that I hate its new name). It is fabulous and just so highly entertaining. So, once you are done reading this book, go read that one. 

This book was so delightful to read, and I devoured it in one sitting. It’s one of those romances that falls into the slightly bonkers/quirky side of the romance genre. This is a rom-com with a magical realism twist to it. Kirsty’s bonkers take on what happens to us in the afterlife was chef’s kiss perfection. I am amazed at Kirsty’s creativity and applaud her for taking a chance and being a little wacky with her story. This book is gonna have you laughing the whole time. Delphie’s journey to finding love and herself is full of hilarious antics and VERY embarrassing situations. I laughed so hard; I am sure my neighbours could hear me. This story moves at a fairly brisk pace; this is because Delphie only has ten days to find her true love, or she will be sent back to Evermore, aka one of the places that people can be sent to when they die. The fast pacing of this book means that my attention never wavered. Something was always happening, which I loved. 

Delphie was an interesting and likable character. She has shut herself off from the world and the people living in it. This stems from being bullied in school and having parents who were less than attentive. Delphie is afraid of being hurt again, which means she has really stopped living her life. It was wonderful, endearing, and hilarious watching Delphie come to life on the pages of this book. Once she realizes that she has ten days to find her soul mate, Delphie finds herself in situations she would never have normally found herself in. She meets lovely and slightly quirky people on the way and they all want to be friends with her. Delphie’s journey was just so incredible, and I loved every minute that I spent with her. The other MC is Cooper, Delphie’s downstairs neighbour. Delphie and Cooper have this real dislike for each other, which means that every time they interact with each other, the banter is sharp and oh-so-fabulous. I really like Cooper; he is such a mysterious character, and I loved watching as those layers slowly peeled back, and we got to see the real Cooper. 

The romance is a perfect blend of sweet and spicy. I will be super vague about the romance bits in this book, because I can’t talk about it without giving away spoilers. But I will say that this book will take you on an unexpected romantic journey. There is a one-bed situation, plenty of embarrassing situations, and no third-act break-up. If you are looking for a fun and unique rom-com, then this book is for you. 

The Love of My Afterlife swept me off my feet and gave me all those wonderful romance-y feelings. 

Thank you, Berkley Publishing, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.