About Us

Hi there! We’re Ronny and Gabrielle–two book nerds looking to share our love of the written word. Together with our bookish friends, we created this space to connect with other bookworms like you. Welcome!

Our book blogging life started with our sister blog, Romance ByThe Book, that we created with our friend Kayleigh for romance lovers. We had so much fun and met so many great people; we decided to expand into other genres. And thus, Your Bookish Life was born.

What you’ll find on Your Bookish Life:

  • Book reviews
  • Book lists
  • Author interviews
  • Author events
  • Posts about bookish travel, accessories, decor and more!

Join us and live your best bookish life!

Meet Our Contributors:

Ronny has always loved surrounding herself with books. As a kid, she never had to worry about monsters under her bed because there was never any space for them because of all the books she had under there (and she still does). When her nose isn’t buried in a book, Ronny is busy working in her garden, planning her next trip, or trying to burn off those cookies she ate by working out at the gym. She loves visiting small independent bookstores all over the world and has a weakness for buying multiple copies of the same book just because it has a different cover. She also has a loud and clingy cat named Minnie, who loves being the center of attention and has made it her mission to be in every single book picture on this blog. But there is nothing Ronny loves more than sitting in her reading chair with a warm cuppa coffee, a good book, and Minnie on her lap. 

Gabrielle used to be an extrovert until a global pandemic helped her find her true introvert qualities. You can find her quietly sewing by hand, nose deep in a book, or walking in the woods when she is not busy working at the library or volunteering in her community. Her general outlook is that life is a series of challenges getting in the way of her reading. She’s a life-long bibliophile who tends to become emotionally attached to books. She particularly enjoys contemporary romance, mysteries, and children’s fiction.

Kayleigh is a lifetime writer and avid reader who is passionate about library advocacy. Growing up and working in the Waterloo Region technology and academic sectors, she likes to examine the ways our complex world impacts everyday life. She holds a master’s degree in anthropology, and has defined her career around digital cultures, community building and brand storytelling. While she’ll read any romance she can get her hands on, Kayleigh especially loves to read YA, rom coms and historical romances– especially if there’s an enemy to lovers or mistaken identity trope in it. Kayleigh’s favourite reading partner is her cat, Ellie because she never interrupts Kayleigh when she’s engrossed in a book.

Karly is an avid reader who, on occasion, has been known to skip to the last chapter to find out how the story ends. Karly is passionate about working in the arts, so much so that she often visits galleries while on vacation. When not reading, Karly enjoys sewing, photography, writing, and travel. Her favourite spots to read are in a big chair with her cats nearby or at the beach. While she’ll read almost anything, Karly is fond of historical fiction, fantasy, rom-com, biography, and Jane Austen novels (*bonus if a book combines any of the above).