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10 Books to Start Your New Year Off Right

Happy New Year friends! Now we’re not big on new year’s resolutions around here, but we can all certainly benefit from new hobbies, finding new passions or changing some of our not-so-great habits. If you need a kick in the pants like we do, try one of these great books. From inspirational stories of people overcoming adversity, to how-to guides, these books are sure to help you get a jump on a happier and healthier new year.

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Writing History – 10 Compelling Historical Fiction Reads

The popularity of this powerhouse of a subgenre has only increased in recent years and for good reason. We can’t get enough of the heart wrenching and heartwarming plotlines that give us all the feels. And while it may be fiction, we are always blown away at how much research goes into writing these books. Try one of these YBL approved titles for your next read.

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